Jan 12, 2006
coco-nut said:
Words to live by, littlesnarkfan.

For the record, IntlSet is one of my favorite forum members.
Ditto! She gets what she gives, and that's love and support from this Chica!:love:
Mar 5, 2006
Vancouver, BC
IntlSt, keep us posted on this situation please. I really hope everything turns out ok. And I agree with Megs - this thread is about IntlSt's situation and not the place for you to continue beef with her.

B. Jara

Oct 30, 2005
IntlSet said:
An email I sent through my university's email system with sensitive information in it got around to everyone in my college's department due to a glitch in the email system.

Yikes! :oh:

I hope it all works out OK.


Dec 24, 2005
Oh no! That sucks. School e-mail systems don't seem as secure as things like yahoo or gmail and that's why I only use my school e-mail for school-related things and Facebook (of course!). I hope nothing bad happens because of this!


Feb 15, 2006
Hmm... Was there any sort of e-mail before or after you sent your's stating there was a glitch in the system? And... have you notified your IT Department at UCD? If you have notified them of the problem, they should have sent out an e-mail to the entire student body, identifying the glitch and they should be following up with you. If they don't do squat about it and there was confidential information in that e-mail, they'll be the one's to fry. At the college I went to, UWRF, there wasn't a way that I know of where I could send out an e-mail to everyone... then again... I didn't use that account.

I hope this problem gets cleared up for you. I've never accidently sent out a mass e-mail (or had one sent out because of an IT glitch), but I've sent an important e-mail to the incorrect person and it does get a little messy.

Let us know what happens. I really hope your school steps up and does something. I know they can't take back the e-mail and say to people, "Now, don't read such and such e-mail" but hopefully they won't even attempt to react to the e-mails content.

Best of luck!

Accessory Obsessory

Mar 9, 2006
Oh dear, fingers crossed that they recognize their own culpability before they start on anybody else. Let us know how it goes. You've got a large following of supporters here so I hope that helps you get through this.


Mar 28, 2006
I used to work in a law firm where some of the attorneys were complete jerks who emailed back & forth to each other, saying rude things about everyone from secretaries on up to the head Partner. We all arrived at work one morning to find these emails forwarded to each person who was talked about in these emails. Someone had hacked into their emails and forwarded them to everyone. It was pretty funny. Moral: Get your own email system. Yahoo is free. Relying on work's email, school's email can get you in trouble. Typically, email supplied by your work or school is intended for work or school purposes only.

Good luck with everything.


Jan 25, 2006
littlestarsfan said:
Again, I didn't come over here to rip her end to end.. just couldn't pass up the opportunity to observe the irony. I'm sure she's a perfectly nice person; Jenny knows & likes her so that's a positive testament to her character. :smile:

It's just a shame that any and all future members who come here from another board will automatically be hit with this stigma.. it's also a shame that I, despite my being a member here for almost 3 months already, can't seem to be a member of any other forum without said stigma attached.

Oh well.
Way to kick someone when they are down. If you don't like the board, is someone holding a gun to your head to be here?

On more important issues: Sorry to hear about it IntlSet, I really hope it all works itself out and that you or your friend don't get in trouble. Hopefully it will blow over. Keep us updated. Good luck and I am crossing my fingers.


night sky
Feb 23, 2006
Gosh IntlSet, sorry to hear about what happened with the e-mail glitch. Hope everything gets sorted out smoothly!


Jan 7, 2006
IntlSet, that's horrible to hear and I hope that you and/or the person mentioned in the email don't get in any trouble for this.

As far as the privacy issue goes, I work at another large, public university in central IT (and yes, our group is responsible for part of the campus email infrastructure) - I don't know what the rules and regulations governing the UC systems are, but this is quoted from our campus' administrative manual:

"[FONT=Times New Roman, Times, serif]The privacy of materials kept in electronic data storage and electronic mail is neither a right nor is it guaranteed."

If there is any fallout from this incident, you or the intended recipient of the message may wish to check your campus' or university's policies. Unfortunately you may not be protected.

Again, I'm really sorry to hear that this has happened to you. I hope it works out and nothing bad comes of it. :sad: