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  1. An email I sent through my university's email system with sensitive information in it got around to everyone in my college's department due to a glitch in the email system.

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  2. Woah...can you do anything about it legally? That is if you want to go that far. That's insane, sorry IntlSet!
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  3. Omg that is so stupid i would be talking to the collage manager.
  4. That is horrible. They should make it more secure.
  5. Oh wow! Was it personal info like SSN and DOB . . or worse?
    Nonetheless, that stinks, I'm sorry!
  6. oh wow, that is ridiculous, raise hell sugah...I would talk to the President of the University about a "glitch" that that detrimental
  7. eek! i'm soooo sorry! UGA's mail system always make me so nervous, why can't they have better programs???
  8. Oh my god, you guys... I don't want to go into details but let's say the person I sent the email to could get in trouble. Oh crappers...
  9. I'm so sorry. Doesn't look like your are on the sunny side of life in the mo'. I hope it turns out alright!!!!
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  10. I'm sorry to here about the problem. I hope it all works out for you.
  11. That's scary! I'm sorry. :sad:
  12. oh, that's horrible. is there anyone you can give a complaint to? hope everything works out...
  13. *hugs* IntlSet
    You sound as if you need a few.
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  14. oh no.. how did that happen?
    I hope no big damages were done... very sorry to hear about this.:amazed:
  15. omg that is crazy :sad2: hope it works out okay