1. YUM. Perfect for Spring!
  2. Isn't that a very pretty bag for spring? :yes:
  3. it is a gorgeous color & great shape.. i want it too!!!-- i'm glad the hardware isn't OVER the zipper - that'd be a pain to do 2 things to get into your bag...
  4. I saw this IRL at the boutique near me, it is very pretty
  5. I am loving it in black.
  6. beautiful!!!
  7. So pretty! I am thinking I just might have to get that one!
  8. I love the color.
  9. I saw it recently too, and the satchel in the same color. Beautiful colors for spring.
  10. I love the violet color, perfect for the springtime!
  11. She really is pretty! The color is soo nice IRL
  12. I am in love with the white one!
  13. It looks kinda pinkish to me but I love both pink and violet so it's a win-win! It's pretty!