wow sequin classic sac rabat

  1. i've never seen one like this until i see it on eBay, too expensive for me though :p
    what do u think of this bag?


  2. I actually like the bag ALOT but it's just not practical for me personally to spend so much on a bag like that.
  3. It's not doing anything for me, I guess because it wouldn't go with most of my wardrobe though, its quite funky though
  4. oooh how cute!
  5. It's lovely esp the chains!:yes:
  6. It's okay, but I don't think it would be practical for me at all...
  7. The chain is really, really pretty, but I've seen this bag IRL and I actually thought it looked a bit cheap (just plain old sequins stuck on a bag and IMHO, the quality was very lacking). :sad:
  8. Love it, if I was a millionnaire I would buy it!
  9. Interesting. That makes me feel better, because I thought I liked it and couldn't afford it.
  10. im not sure if im feeling this bag--how much is it btw? just curious but i wouldnt put that on my wishlist =X
  11. it's pretty for night out, some are avail. at Chanel/SCP, dont know the price, my eyes were occupied looking at other bags:smile:
  12. i saw t6he bag in my chqnel boutique a few weeks ago and my SA told me that it was sooooo delicate and basically not worth the money, he said a customer put it snagged and a bunch of the sequins were ripped off, I saw it and it was a big mess!
  13. Not my cup of tea (bit too "much"), but it's very interesting!
  14. yeah, not my cup of tea too actually. i could use this bag ad had it rip out i just an hour LOL
    but it is an interesting bag i think
  15. I saw this bag IRL and it looked stunning, I love the little camelia details on each of the sequins. A great evening bag! but I was a tad worried about the sequins falling off!