Wow ! Secretary Steals $300.000 From Boss To Buy Designer Bags

  1. A secretary has been jailed for stealing £150,000 from her bosses and blowing it on hundreds of designer handbags, clothes and shoes.

    Carolyn Langmead, described as "obsessed" with shopping, wept as she was sentenced to three years for writing hundreds of cheques to herself.
    She spent the cash on filling her wardrobe with leading labels such as Louis Vuitton, Prada and Gucci.

    The 52-year-old grandmother was such a good customer that upmarket fashion shops often closed their doors to allow her to browse alone.

    When police raided her home in Bournemouth, they found 27 bin liners stuffed with exclusive clothes and accessories.

    Her company car was also crammed with more than 30 bags, along with a stash of unpaid bills she had hidden from the firm.

    In total, she had around 1,500 items. Most had never been used and many still had their price tags.

    Langmead wore conservative outfits for her job as a secretary at AEC Electrical in Poole, Dorset, but often popped out during lunch breaks to buy the designer goods.
    The secretary spent the stolen cash on leading labels such as Louis Vuitton

    She emptied the family firm's bank account by cashing in forged cheques for £800( $1600 approx) twice a week over four years.

    Langmead had worked there since 1996, but it was only when she took over the accounts that she started stealing, Bournemouth Crown Court heard.

    Judge Christopher Harvey Clark told her: "What you did involved a wicked breach of trust.

    "You had an obsessive compulsive disorder which led to you buying all kinds of items of clothing.

    "You were unable to stop yourself."
    The firm's owners, Peter and Sheryl Palladino, treated Langmead as a member of their family but believe she even used some of the money to fund her daughter's lavish wedding.

    Desmond Duffy, prosecuting, said most of the money was spent on clothes and handbags.

    He added: "After her arrest, police searched Mrs Langmead's home and a substantial quantity of clothing, footwear, handbags and other accessories were found.

    "The officers described the wardrobe in the bedroom as being very full of such items. They found in another bedroom 27 black bags which contained more items.

    "The items were examined and the total value was just under £34,000." ($64.000)

    The court heard that Langmead has a previous convictions for theft. In 1995 she was jailed for three months after forging signatures on cheques to steal £20,000 while working at a private hospital.
    Brian Sharman, defending, said Langmead suffered from an obsessive compulsive disorder.

    He read out part of a psychological-report which stated: "She was not interested in what she bought, but about the quantity of items.
    "She became obsessed with going to the shops and buying items."

    Mr Sharman added that Langmead had paid back £79,000. She admitted a charge of theft between 2002 and 2006 and two charges of dishonestly obtaining money by deception.

    The Dailynews
  2. So sad.
  3. Wow, is she a member on here? LOL!

    I had a coworker who stole $65,000 from my old boss. This guy had a serious gambling addiction so he'd just gamble it all away. He'd go in afterhours and write checks to himself. Sadly my boss didn't press charges and just fired him so he probably didn't learn any lessons.
  4. Wonder if she was a member of TPF? LOL Just joking! That is a hardcore obsession isn't it?
  5. MC papillon? LOL.
  7. I certainly hope that picture isn't of the bags that she purchased ...
  8. Welcome back Prada, missed you & your great posts :heart:

    Wow! This is something else! hard to know whether to castigate or pity this woman, obviously something seriously wrong in her life when she did this to satisfy an obsession but then nothing can excuse blatant theft, I just hope that they will get her some psychological treatment while serving her time!
    I wonder when she has already paid back half of it could they not have been more lenient? Three years is a long time when she obviously has a mental problem such as OCD or similar!
    & another thing why was the company accounting procedure so lax as to let this go on undetected for so long? Perhaps they should bear some responsibility?
  9. Just proves that the most innocent looking people can do some very un-innocent things.
    Wow.. you know the part that gets me is that she didn't even use most of them!
  10. I wonder what her tPF name is LOLOL!!!
  11. I worked for a financial institution for 12 years and received the monthly internal fraud report and was continually amazed with what people thought they could get away with (and did for some periods of time before getting caught). Unbelievable.
  12. i wonder what she bought !!
  13. Wow, that is sad. It sounds like she had a major addiction, similar to drugs or alcohol. How could she betray those who trusted her? That is so embarrassing. No matter how much I lust for designer items, I could never steal or lie to get what I wanted. What's the point? All you have in life is your word. If your word is no good, neither are you.
  14. Oh that's horrible
  15. I wonder what's going to happen to the bags? Might we be seeing some on e-bay? "HOT! LV Speedy" :nuts: