Wow. Saw the worst cerise speedy tonight at my hair salon

  1. which is a high-end salon.

    The girl was in her mid to late 20s. The "speedy" had HUGE cherries on the bag. How can people carry these and not be embarassed??!!!

    I wanted to ask her if she knew it was fake and a bad fake at that!
  2. If she knows that it's fake, I admire her courage. If she doesn't, I really feel sorry for her.
  3. She probably just doesn't care whether it's real or not or doesn't know any better. I think being on a forum like this it's easy to forget that a lot(if not most) people are uninformed. Maybe it was a gift, maybe she doesn't know the difference between that and the real one, or maybe she knows it's fake and doesn't understand the implications of that.

    Anyway, the cerises and cherry blossom fakes are some of the WORST fakes I've ever seen. I really have to think people carrying them know absolutely nothing about LV. I've seen some IRL and someone posted here pics of some that looked like they had grapes or blueberries on them :lol:
  4. my friend got one at canal street in new york ....and she came over and was like "omg look what i got...its 100 percent real and it was only 60 dollars!!" it was the cerise speedy and like u said the cherries were huge....i took one look at it not really knowing much about LV and was like no way that real for 60 dollars......she ended up taking it to the king of prussia and looked at her like she was insane for even thinking it was real...she was heart broken cause she honestly thought it was real.....!