Wow! Ricki Lake is down to a size 4!!!

  1. She looks amazing don't you think??????? I'm heading to the gym tomorrow stat!!!!!

    Once weighing 250 pounds, newly transformed former talk show host Ricki Lake has revealed exclusively to Us Weekly the secrets behind her 123-pound, size-4 shape.
    Lake, 38, who just debuted The Business of Being Born, her documentary about home birth and midwifery, sits down with Us and explains exactly how she got thin – and finally made peace with her shape after a painful past.

    On crash dieting in 1991: “… I went on this extreme diet. I used to faint because I wasn’t eating and I was always exercising.”
    On the most exciting thing about her new weight: “For the longest time, when I was very heavy, I couldn’t cross my legs. I couldn’t physically do it. LOVE that I can cross my legs now … Even my shoe size is changing. My Jimmy Choos are too big now.”
    On what she thinks of super-skinny actresses: “I think I have no wrinkles because I always had fat on my face. Really skinny girls age so fast.”

    What painful secret caused Rickie to gain weight in her childhood? How did she feel posing in a swimsuit for Us? For all these details – and more exclusive pics – on Ricki’s dramatic (and non-surgical) slim-down, pick up the new issue of Us Weekly on newsstands now.

  2. Wow, kudos to her, she looks great!
  3. wow! she looks fabulous! yay ricki!
  4. She looks fab! Go Ricki!
  5. wow! she looks great!
  6. don't know her but she looks good.
  7. She looks fab!!
  8. her head looks too big for her body, but she looks good :lol:
  9. She looks wonderful and for me going through dieting right now, I have to say that those pics of her before and after are a true inspiration :yes:
  10. Wow....she looks amazing!!
  11. I want to know how she did it
  12. She looks stunning!!
  13. she now has bobblehead disease
  14. Good for her!
  15. Yeah, I was going to say something similar...but I'm happy for her. She looks good in general from the picture!

    She actually resembles Celine Dion (face) in the photo.