Wow...price increase already effective at Saks

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  1. I was just there during my lunch break to purchase the black classic jumbo flap and it was priced at $2395! my SA told me that the new ones that just came in have increased in price. they literally sold all the old black jumbos this morning at the old price :sad:. i feel so upset. i was hoping to get one for the ECG event. anyway, i passed and got some louboutins instead.
  2. WHAT! isn't it supposed to be nov?
  3. WOW~ This is sooo damn sneaky LOL
  4. i thought so too! but my SA said the new shipment has the new prices.
  5. :confused1::confused1:

    That is sneaky!
  6. What???!!!~ I already bought too much for this EGC and I was thinking about getting the classic flap on next EGC, hopefully before Nov...So sad...
  7. I'm really sick of this! How can they do that???!!!:cursing:
  8. So the price has gone up $145 and not $400 as others have said the increase would be. I believe I paid $2250 in May for my white jumbo caviar classic.
  9. Wow, what are they raising them a little now and then more in Nov.? I thought the jumbo was going up to $2600?...Weird!
  10. these prices are starting to get astronomical. it makes me angry but we have no one to blame but the people who buy and sell fakes. chanel spends millions upon millions each year combating fakes and we suffer from the price increases. i think all the purse forum members should come up with some sort of campaign to fight fakes like harpers bazaar is doing. they have also linked the fake bags to terrorist activity and child labor. the fact that we try to authenticate bags on eBay is a step in the right direction.
  11. Wow. :cursing: All I know is that Saks had better honor an even exchange (or I will raise hell) when I go there to replace my defective (a piece of leather on the strap is sticking straight up!!) black caviar Jumbo flap. :tdown:
  12. Wow...that sucks that is so crazy! I can't believe that they did that already. Grrrrrr, that is so frustrating.
  13. ouch... :crybaby:
    Aaaaarrrrggggghhhhhh!!! :cursing: I thought we have till Nov to get what we want before price increase... :crybaby:
  14. Wow that is not right. How "convenient" of them to do it when they are having ECG event. She should have given you the old price, especially when she had the nerve to tell u she sold all the others out that morning at the old price!! I would be very angry. But sounds like u got a great pair of shoes!
  15. In early 2006 the Classic Flap Jumbo was $1,595.00 (+$100.00 more for the lambskin)

    In Oct 2006 the Classic Flap Jumbo was $1,695.00 Caviar (+$100.00 more for the lambskin)