WOW!!! Pre-loved 04 ROSE from a Great PFer!!!

  1. Jinx! Oops, I guess a mod could delete my post! lol
  2. isnt it gorgeous? if I could get my Chloe sold I would bid on it in a heartbeat!
  3. Oh, she can delete mine if she wants! How funny this happened!
  4. Just G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!!! :love: (and I can say this from experience!!!!) I hope this finds a wonderful permanent home.... goodluck fayden sweety! :heart:
  5. Fayden! She's so gorgeous!!!
  6. Oh man....what a beautiful bag. I hope it finds a good home soon!!
  7. 0o0o, i hope this finds a loving home soon! good luck, fayden!!!
  8. What happened where'd it go?!!
  9. Yeah, it is no longer listed! I don't know. Maybe sold already?
  10. Ohhh ... no, I think it's been canceled from ebay :wtf: ?! But WHY :confused1: ??? Was it a Rose city ? fayden ............ where are you ????
  11. what?!!!!
    I am normally pretty chill when it comes to Ebay issues.. but this is crazy!What happened!?!! Fayden let me know if I can do anything.... :heart:
  12. yah weird, i got a message from ebay they took it down... no idea why? what do i do now? it says because of trademark misuse? someone must have flagged it....
  13. and yep, it was a rose city.
  14. ugh, I remember that happening to me once. I don't understand. They'll continuously keep the high priced fakes up, but when someone wrongfully reports a legitimate auction they take it down?

    I would write Ebay and ask them what you have to do before it can be relisted, usually they just make you provide some sort of 'proof' that it is in fact authentic (um, duh, of course it is, crazy ebay people - you are wasting your time on the wrong auction!)

    If you need any help fayden feel free to forward me the email or email me, I'm so sorry this is happening! :cry: :heart: