WOW!! Prada bow clutch in purple

  1. i saw one last night in the prada shop in Hong Kong.. so pretty.. it's a bit thicker than the orange/brown one. the SA said it's a new color.. check your local store if u'r interested..
    i'm so tempted to get it as x'mas gift...:drool:
  2. Ooohhhh, purple!! I'd imagine it would be gorgeous!! I really want to see what this looks like!
  3. Wow.. Purple... it sounds really tempting!!
  4. ohh purple! i'd love to see pictures!
  5. Billbill,

    Does it look like this one? (Leather)

    Is the whole thing purple? How much is it? Thanks, so sorry for all the questions :smile:

  6. yes, it's whole leather and the whole bag is in purple. i wanna take pics but the SA is around.. price is HK$6700..
  7. Thanks billbill! It sounds really pretty, You should go for it!

    I love the cute bow clutches that Prada has come out w/ lately. I wish it was 2 colors like the black/pink or dark green/light green ones.
  8. hey billbill does HK sell the nylon and leather version? how much is it?