wow. PICS, showing off and enjoying! my first day with turqs =)

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  1. hello ladies!!!! today was my first day enjoy my first bbag. At first when i got it i thought well yeah the color is amazing and the bag is gorgeous..butttttt its a bit "square?"... so I hung it on a nob in my closet for like 5 hours today and WOW. i LOVE IT!!!!!! it started to become a little wee bit slouchy and i just liked it even more! here are some pics..i must share my happiness with you guys because my bf can give 2 craps about it...

    newpix13 009.JPG

    newpix13 014.JPG

    newpix13 015.JPG

    newpix13 016.JPG

    newpix13 020.JPG
  2. and last but not least, my poor Louie w/ its new closet buddy!
    newpix13 023.JPG

    newpix13 024.JPG
  3. GORGEOUS bag and what a cutie baby! Congrats!!!:heart:
  4. love your closet buddy, pics
  5. Great pics. Enjoy your work, it looks like your little one likes it also.
  6. It's lovely, congrats!! :flowers:
  7. its beautiful, congrats! :smile:
  8. CONGRATS!!! It's Gorgeous!!!
  9. Congrats, I loooove that color and style!
  10. Beautiful bag! Beautiful child too!! Congratulations on both!!
  11. I love that color ... haven't been brave enough to take my Turq PT yet.

    Love your Rita too!
  12. Congrats! Babies and bbags, I love it!
  13. Congratulations! What a great bag, and the color looks amazing. I am hoping to get a turquoise soon!
    Your baby looks sooooo cute with the bag:heart:
  14. Lovely bag and isn't she looking happy to carry it:smile:

    Very bad (and early) influence, LOL
  15. Great model!! Your Turq looks so bright and beautiful!