Wow-pics Of Fall Bags..omg!

  1. [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. yum....:girlsigh:
  3. I really do like that dragon (or whatever it is) crest thing. Especially as a contrast to the darker brown leather! And I like the chains they are using. Very nice!
  4. yes..and its ONLY 3000.00 dollars..OMG..what happened to Pradas pricing..ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO HIGH!
  5. the bags are gorgeous, but the prices... :nuts:
  6. I am soooooo in love with that second bag. I saw it at the boutique in BH and the leather is amazingly soft. It's also lined with leather on the inside as well and comes in a "taller" size as well.
  7. NM just put their FALL PRADA bags and shoes ONLINE TODAY!! WOOHOO! *drooling**
  8. Whoa! I didn't realize there had been such a price hike!
  9. NM doesn't seem to have either one of these bags available online... I really like the second one, too!!
  10. have u gals seen the new fall collection , the antic cervo ones made of deerskin? they are totally gorgeous! there's one that I really like, but haven't been able to find a pic to post it up here yet! if i do buy it, I will def take a pic and show u all!
  11. ^ I posted a pic of that collection^
  12. THIS..........
    [​IMG] TDF!!!!!!!!!!!! (Drooling...............)

    Jill you may have started me on Prada now. This combined with the V.Beckam bag......... when DH kicks me out of the house, you have a spare room right? :lol:
  13. i'm really loving their whole line this season, but as has been mentioned before - the prices!!! OMG!! lovely, though.. :love:

  14. Ahhhhhhhhhh! TDF is RIGHT!! :nuts:
  15. I like the one on the right.
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