WOW~ personalshoppers added lots of Chanel bags to her listings

  1. Must have taken big advantages on the price hike!:graucho:
  2. Where does she get all the bags from? Some are even hard to find in stores. I'd consider bidding if I weren't so skurrd.
  3. i saw some of her authenticity cards are starting at 8, so i was wondering whether she just bought those off season bags and put them on eBay
  4. buys bags, then flips them on eBay.

    I wonder if she reads this forum.

    With the impending issues regarding chanel and eBay, I wonder what some sellers will do with their chanel stock if ebay bans chanel selling all together. that would be interesting.
  5. Yes she is a PF member from what I hear. She has some great bags...
  6. WHAT!!! :wtf:
    Chanel might be banned from being sold on Ebay? :crybaby:
    How, when, why !!!!???

  7. Really? I've bought from her maybe like 4 times now and I've never asked if she knew tPF...
  8. o0o whats the link pleaseee =]
  9. Ohh the teal jumbo is so pretty!
  10. could you please ask ? that would be interesting :smile:
    'coz i think a lot of her/his cutomer base is here in tPF.
  11. I asked her:

    Have you already delivered bags to Europe and are there any references,
    maybe Ebay?

    That was the answer:

    I send to Eurpoe all the time. I sell on ebay where I have
    many feedback and if you go on Purse Forum, I hear there is lots of
    chatter about me, I get many customers from Australia from that site.
  12. Isn't it!?! I seriously gasped outloud when I saw it. :wtf: My boyfriend was like "what is wrong?" and I showed him and said "I wanttttt!" :love:
  13. Thanks KleineSushi , she's probably reading this too :rolleyes:
    wonder why she doesn't come forward :confused1:

  14. yup she has also increased the px on some of them the white jumbo...was increased to 2149...
  15. ^ meaning she visits this site and sees how many people are posting on here...since her name is posted someone might get tempted to buy...wonder how many timeless classics bags she stashed away before the increase....seriously, sellers like that really urk me.