Wow, People Are BOLD!

  1. I've been carrying my White MC Alma for the past week and today while at the grocery store, the cashier asked if my bag was real. She noticed the raspberry interior and said she has never seen a LV bag with "burgandy" on the inside. I told her that the lining of the white MC's have raspberry interior (I hope that's right).

    I was just shocked that she came out and asked if my bag was real. I would never ask anyone that. :nogood:
  2. Wow she was straight up. Ive been asked that about my groom wallet before. They were like "Is that real? LV doesnt have pictures on their wallets like that."
  3. Yeah, unfortunately there are some people that are very pushy and rude like that.

    I don't know how many times I've been asked questions about my LVs.

    I have had people ask: "Is that real? .... How much did you pay for it? .... Where did you get it?"

    To me its not very polite to ask these kind of questions but I just answer them anyways.
  4. I get that kind of stuff a lot, too. Soo rude and tacky. I just got asked that about my patchwork speedy. Imagine when the gal saw the flowered lining...she gave me a strange look!
  5. She probably never saw a real one, lol! I've seen a fake white mc speedy and they are lined in a beige alacantra type lining if my memory serves correct, and that is probably what she's thinking of. Enjoy your auth. bag and don't let her get to you, she was genuinely curious and I don't think she was doubting your bag, just surprised to see something she had never seen before, an authentic bag!
  6. The grocery lady needs to do her homework before asking such questions. If someone ask is my bag real, I tell them, "Are you real?"

  7. I love the how much did you pay for it, especially in public and then when you tell them, it's like verbal spit in your face by telling you how dumb you are for spending so much! I could say I forget, or just be vague, or go look it up on eluxury but I've always told despite my better judgement.
  8. Some people just don't know about anything but the mono line. But that was still rude to just come out and ask if it was fake.
  9. Tee hee, that's funny!!!!
  10. THIS happens almost daily. I dont like the how much was it, is it real I can deal with with all the fakes that is bad enough , but to then ask well how much was it. grrrrrrrrrrr
  11. Sorry to hear about your experience. I get that kind of attitude at work a lot but I don't mind since I know mine are all authentic and I don't need to go out of my way to prove a point that my bags are real. But when they also ask how much my bags and wallets that's askin a bit much IMO. I just kind of shrug it off and say they were gifts from family, boyfriend...or the really nosy/critical people I tell I work hard for my money and would rather spend it on bags than drugs or alcohol. :::End Rant:::;)
  12. i've been asked that too.. I kinda think it's rude but o well.. I have nothing to hide so I really don't care.
  13. No one has ever been that bold to me but I swear I am ready for it just from reading all these posts. I can't stand rudeness like that.
  14. well. some people say it pushy, and accusatory, and some people say it in awe of your bag in a kind way, like wow, i love your bag, its sp pretty is is a real louis?
    im sorry you got the bad kind of "the question"
  15. i usually just look at them like "huh? what are you talking about?" and make them feel stupid without saying a thing.