Wow One Big Box...cant Wait Till It Opens!!!

  1. i went to visit my dh on wallstreet for lunch...we loveee grubbing at sophies and we basically saw this....luckily i had my camera.:yes:

    ooooo does anyone know when the opening date is??:roflmfao:

    dh asked, why would they open this here? i said DUH so all the dhs on wall street can buy their wifeys birkins on their way home...hint hint

  2. ooohhhh another location in NYC?? how awesome is that???:wlae::wlae::yahoo:
  3. WOW! What eye-opening Hermes style! Where exactly is this new store on wall street? I can send my DH there on his next NYC trip.
  4. Ahhh! So it MAY be open when I get there?????? COOOLLLL!!!!!!
  5. Great Pics, Nyc!!
  6. i think i would run up to the building and hug it ..... *ducks and runs away*

    why can't there be one in seattle?

    awwww lucky for you...... may your dh buy you a wheelbarrow of stuff on the way home from work~!
  7. wow look at that picture!!!
  8. :hysteric:You lucky New Yorkers!!!! That's ok, I'll just have to visit again after this location opens;)
  9. why couldn't NY be close to Seattle.. sheeezee.. i swear, we need an H store here in the state of WA...
  10. Maybe there's a GIANT BIRKIN inside! a 35,000,000,000 cm one. LOL

    Actually it makes perfect sense. Wall Street had a banner year for bonuses in the like, millions. They are just positioning themselves to sell.

    If you want a bag, get there on opening day?
  11. If I'm not mistaken, there USED to be a boutique in Seattle but it closed down...
  12. Hermes are smart to open a store there. There are going to be many, many happy ladies in NYC!
  13. Nice is exciting!
  14. Please, where is Wallstreet in relation to Madison:confused1:

  15. this is located downtown nyc in the financial district. i am not sure what streets exactly but i will ask the dh. it looks as big as the Madison store.