Wow. Now *that* is overlap

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  1. Since the role of the outlets and MFF items seems to be an often recurring topic, I thought I might just toss this out there.

    Identical wristlets, same color, same sea-glass pebbled leather (and yes, leather is the same, I've manhandled the sea-glass pebbled in both boutique and outlet), hardware and "name-plate" even look identical. The pictures are styled differently (strap is attached to other side in one case), but the wristlets themselves are essentially identical.

    This is also not a case of double-dipping, where a deleted item appears in both boutique and outlet at the same time, just before or just after delete cycle. Why? Because these have different style numbers, which would mean different style numbers stitched into the innards of the wristlets.

    First is current on the boutique site right now, second is current in outlets/today's FOS.

    Also, I just noticed that my screen cap cut it off, but the boutique version is the Nolita -19. So both are the same size too, both are even named the "19" as a way of denoting size.

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  2. I was just chatting about this exact thing to a friend earlier.

    We were wondering at what point the 1941 "copies" will start to show up at the outlet. Not deletes, but the MFF versions. I bought 3 1941 bags and I know full well going in, regardless of what anyone says, that's it's a very likely possibility, so no point in getting my knickers in a knot when it happens.

    It's a shame, but that's the Coach we know and love right?

    And yes, it's the same wristlet - I had one from FP and one MFF (not seaglass) but they are definitely the exact same.
  3. The strap is the same on both, just displayed differently. It's permanently attached on one side, and the other end has a clip that can attach at either side.
  4. Oh I completely agree. There will be MFF versions of 1941, nearly guaranteed. Legacy from 10 years ago was mff'd, Legacy from 5 years ago was mff'd, Burroughs were eventually mff'd, Swaggers were mff'd, and the Phoebe line just flat out moved to mff.

    The question is, how close will the mff be. Often, there'd be small differences. Like the nameplate, or the hardware. Oldest example I can think of would be the Zoe ... when it was first mff'd, it was made identically, but then they did a new mff version with different hardware. Most recent example would be Swagger turning into Blake at mff. Blake's hardware is slightly different, and a bit differently placed, but it's clearly the mff of Swagger.

    My point with the wristlets above is that even the small changes we used to see, are now gone. I mean, I really can't find *any* difference between the two, except style number (which would mean different style number stitched inside on those white tags). Hardware appears identical. Even the zipper pull is identical. (In the past, sometimes the boutique zipper pulls on small items would have an extra studd, while mff would not.)
  5. Yep. And it's what I call the LV style zipper, where it "overhangs" the pouch on one side. Coach started using that style back when the Nolita wristlets came out.
  6. I should also probably add this disclaimer ..... I'm not posting this to bash mff.
    I have both a sea-glass pebbled leather mini-Bennett from mff, and a sea-glass pebbled leather Crosstown from boutique. (So yeah, I guarantee those wristlets have the same sea-glass pebbled leather between them.)

    I bought both for the same reason .... I loved the color and I loved the leather. So this was not posted merely to bash mff.

    In a way, it does suggest that the mff leather is not, by default, lower quality than the boutique. (I've said and known that before, but my point is here is a blatant example.) And while I know there have been cases of Coach using up boutique leather on mff bags (eg when they used up the old-style boutique gathered leather on mff Lindsey's), this is not a case of that either. Given the size of the mff Bennets (ie. the leather that would take up), and the fact that this sea-glass pebbled is in both boutique and mff at the same time currently .... well then I don't think they're just "using up" boutique leather either. This was a conscious choice ... same leather in same color, same hardware, in both venues. Sorry for the ramble.

    At the same time, though, it also makes some odd implications about how Coach, itself, views its boutiques.
  7. Call me crazy, but while I do believe there will be MFF versions of 1941 - I can't see them having the same quality materials - the tea rose bags with all those flowers, the leather lining of the Skinny Tote and the amazing details and leather thickness of the Rogues. I certainly believe they can, and will, duplicate these with inferior (IM) materials, but most people won't know or care.

    I hate that overhang - I liked Coach's own style so much better.

    Same here. I am using my MFF hologram wallet and makeup bag with my mew 1941 tote. I'm OK with MFF, I guess I'm not OK with Coach knocking off it's own products - or in the case you brought up - charging almost double for the exact same thing at FP when it's half the price of MFF.
  8. Sadly, this kind of thing is why I've given up on Coach and moved on to other brands. Was recently at the outlets, didn't even stop at Coach, found a really nice bag at Kate Spade instead.
  9. A few years ago I found a bracelet I really loved at Kate Spade but I wasn't sure I wanted to spend that much money. The same day I went into a Kate Spade outlet and found an identical bracelet, only since it was MFF it was much cheaper. I bought that one. I went back to the FP store and compared them. I couldn't see any differences.
  10. ^^^This and I really hope they don't make inferior dupes or sell the FP versions for less at the outlets. I don't mind the inferior dupes quite as much because all that matters to me is that I know the quality of the bag that's in my lap; I don't necessarily care if other people might see it and think it's an outlet bag (although that's not ideal). But I really hate knowing I didn't get the best price for an item! That's the worst, for me. Thank Dog I was able to use a PCE code for mine; that should mitigate some of the likely heartache for me.

    I just hate this practice. It is such an insult to the customer base. It's unethical, really.

    In my industry, the anti-trade laws prohibit selling products arbitrarily (but with clear intent to manipulate higher profit margins) at different prices to different customers within the same channel without appropriately mitigating circumstances and supporting documentation of the need/rationale. Although it's difficult to enforce, my sales organization self enforces because we have a strong ethical corporate culture.

    Sadly, the same rules don't apply to retail sales to individuals since ostensibly, individuals are free to price shop and free to shop at outlets and boutiques. But it's still manipulative and IMO in the gray area ethically.
  11. It's not on the website, but in store, sea glass is on clearance at the outlet, so it's likely even cheaper in person
  12. Well, I guess I know which version I'm getting. ;)
  13. I guess I don't get worked up over the 'difference' in MFF vs. boutique, nor do I feel it's an "unethical" practice. It's no different that retailers who put their merchandise out at full retail price and then the next day slap up a sale sign saying 40% off, or another store with an identical item underpricing another store.

    It's all the game of retail. As a consumer I take full responsibility for shopping the market before I purchase and I've gotten to be an expert on it! That doesn't mean it works for me 100% of the time but it does make me less of an impulse shopper. Personally I tend to hone in on the object of my affection and then research the heck out of it until I get the lowest price I can find.
  14. #14 Mar 16, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2016
    Stores underpricing one another is not the same as a manufacturer selling the identical item for dramatically different prices at different shops. This is because retail stores are allowed to control their own profit margins and if they wish to take a loss on an item, that is their prerogative. If all shops (or a group of shops) chose en masse to price consumers in certain geographical locations or buying groups out of the market while offering affordable prices to other groups, that is called collusion and it is illegal.

    When a manufacturer itself chooses to make a gross profit at the expense of some customers to subsidize smaller profits on the backs of other customers during the same time frame (i.e., boutiques charge $100 and outlets charge $50 for the same item at the same time) without being overtly transparent about the practice it is tantamount to collusive behavior and is definitely on the margins of ethical practice. That is why the two items called out by OP have different model numbers... it is a deceptive practice designed to exploit anti-trust laws.

    It is NOT the same as "Friday we charge one price, but on Saturday we have a sale."
  15. Wow, this is interesting. One slight difference I notice from the photos is that the MFF version appears to have black edge paint. The leather looks slightly different as well.