WOW... Now I REALLY created a monster!

  1. When i posted a couple of days ago about my mom finnally breaking down and buying her first serious bag ( that turned into a feeding freenzy at the LV botique...) WELL....Today I am the one being dragged from Neiman Marcus to the Gucci botique with this whirling dirvish of designer lusting , AMEX wheilding full blown ADDICT ! The woman tore thru those stores like starving man at an all you can eat buffet. She's so thrilled , but ... gosh, I think she's worse than I am!
    - Maybe making up for lost time :lol:

    hate to say I told her so .
  2. Haha! That's wonderful Celesus!

    Monster might be too harsh though (sarcasm ;P), shopaholic mother is more like it =)
  3. Hehe, that's funny. I wish I could turn my mom into an addict too. She has nice purses only because they are gifts from my dad (My sister and I have helped him of course). She likes them fine, but she doesn't love them like we do.
  4. I think that is great! Now you have to let her know about our wonderful PF. Think shes bad now??
  5. :biggrin: That's so funny!
    Also... love the kitties in your avatar....
  6. LOL , I just showed her the post . She thinks it's great , she wants me to take pics of her and her new babies ( she like the attention ) I promised i would figure out how to upload the pics ... i only just figured out how to set the avatar... i hope every one can see my kitties - proud mom of 3 .. Melisaunde, Kovu and Petrucio:love:
  7. Thanks so much !! I am glad it worked .. they are my angels
  8. Haha that's cute...gotta get her to log in here! Then we can enable her even more.
  9. LOL ... if she's any more enabled my Dad will make ME disabled - for being a bad influence
  10. Too funny! :lol:
  11. thanks!:shame: i I am not going to quit my day job , my comedy dosent buy Chanel ... i tried ::hehe::
  12. This is great! Now you can 'borrow' all the drool worthy goods she's buying hehe
  13. Celesus, I *heart* your kitties. They are so adorable! What breeds are they, may I ask?
  14. That's cute and funny!
  15. Your mom is cute! Now you guys can bond even more by sharing stories about bags. :lol: