wow , now can we say city is totally perfect?

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  1. #1 Sep 30, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2010
    Many of us are in love with bbags and city is the most popular style obviously but we were always complaining about how small are inside pockets of city bags, dunno if all of you have seen 2010 cities but their inside pocket is very big especially compared to other years , i even can put my big money wallet in it easily which is a huge plus for me, so ladies do u think now city is the best style and it is finally a perfect bag, or do you think it still needs some improvements ??? maybe they are reading what we disscuss here and try to make our wishes come true:biggrin:
  2. I wish the strap was longer, like the length of the PT.
  3. Ditto -- a longer strap would be great. It'd be nice if the City had slightly longer handles too.
  4. #4 Sep 30, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2010
    hmm a longer strap deffo would be nicer for cross body style! but except it, i suppose i prefer it in this way :buttercup:
  5. Adjustable strap!
  6. cheers to it!!!:biggrin:
  7. Oooh adjustable strap would be perfect. I love the city, it's my favorite style.

    I can't decide between 05 chevre leather black city or 2010 black city with the bigger pocket. What do you all think!?
  8. you said it!
  9. YES to the adjustable strap, and YES, city is my fave, too! :biggrin:

    I've never felt the 05 leather :sad: so I can only imagine what I'm missing. I love how big the pocket sounds for the 2010 city (unfortunately, I haven't tested this out for myself). :shucks: Dang, I just need to buy more bags, don't I? :P

    Pinkalicious, girl, you look so pretty in your avatar! :heart: And who is that adorable pooch w/you?
  10. *want it all* haha thanks for the compliment, the little pooch is my 4 year old pekingese/toy poodle named BooBoo!! also thanks for trying to help me decide on which bag to buy.. i'm leaning towards 2010 since it will be brand new and they're the same price!
  11. I like the city just the way it is. I wouldn't change a thing.
  12. I will take the city just the way it is... I love the look of the city over any other bag.....;)
  13. Ditto, maxxout and tsauarsawan. The city is perfect the way it is and I wouldn't change a thing!
  14. Oh! What a cute name! BooBoo!!!!!!!!!! Looks so incredibly cuddly! :hugs:

    Can't go wrong with a brand, spanking new bal, I say...esp the 2010 leathers...felt a few of them, and they are divine! :heart: Hope you secure one soon (and don't forget your reveal). ;)
  15. Wow, bigger internal pocket - great!

    Yes, I'd love the long strap for sure, as I have a really long torso and arms (like Olive Oyl).