Wow! Nordstrom Slashed Designers Today!

  1. The Seattle store had just put out this morning when I went in tons of Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Burberrry, everything almost half off!! They said this was a Friday sale and once it's gone it's gone through the half yearly sale next week. I saw MJ Stella Tote reduced from $975 to $400, Chloe Betty's, Silverados and Paddy all under $1000.
  2. WHATTT?? i thought the half yrly sale started monday...
  3. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh................I must get off this forum..I have spent WAY too much this week..LOL....
  4. Do you remember what color the Chloe bags were?? THANKS!
  5. Yes! Please more info on the Chloe!
  6. I guess they must be gone because when I called at 130p PST, the SA said there were no paddys on sale and nothing like the stella tote or blake bag
  7. Everything went within an hour or two...women were swarming the tables! I remember a white Stella tote with turquise lining, black Bettys, python silverados, silver paddys, Coach straw totes, Burberry....
  8. Goodness! Shoot, too bad theres no Nordstroms in Fort Walton/Destin :[ This area is so boring, lol.
  9. I'll bet this is why the SA called me! Don't worry. I'm.....not.......going.....:biguns:
  10. ohhh my paddy.. it is gone.... arrgggh, anyone knows when the next sale is???
  11. so what did YOU buy????