Wow, My stuff came a day early too!!!!

  1. I got my package from Coach today!! I took some pics with my good camera and now I am not able to upload them to my computer.. my Canon EOS utility program just wont open up :wtf:

    So I took some other pictures with my point and shoot digital for your enjoyment.

    I don't think I like the straw tote. It is going back. I am also unsure of the patent wallet. I LOVE the color and the patent leather but I don't think it is very practical at all for me... the little kiss lock compartment is not very big at all.. I don't change wallets often so I think I would just need a bigger one. I love everything else!

    When I get my camera working I will add the other pics.. that include modeling pics.

    I also wanted to add that my straw tote didn't even come with a dust bag!! I would think that a $300 bag should come with one... straw or not.
    DSCN2753.JPG DSCN2754.JPG
  2. I love that new tote! The flower is so cute! And is that wallet purple?! So pretty!
  3. Congrats, I personally LOVE the tote and the patent wallet! In fact, the first thing my eyes drifted to in the second pic was the wallet!

    Anywho, the scarf is very cute as well!
  4. Love EVERYTHING in the second pic. Yea, not feelin the straw tote too much...
  5. LOVE that wallet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smile:
  6. Everything's gorgeous, Taralindsey!!! Congrats!!!!! And the wallet is TDFTDFTDF!!!!! Of course, I LOVE the cosmo bag!!! And lovely scarves!!! I hope you enjoy everything!

    Edit: I just saw you said you didn't like the tote....TBH, I'm not a fan of straw bags either. I'm sorry you have to send it back!
  7. i kinda like the straw's different! the blue color is gorgeous
  8. OH!! I love your new cosmetic bag!!!

  9. congrats! LOVE the wallet!
  10. I'm not really feeling the straw tote or patent wallet, either but I love the rest of the pretty things! Especially the cosmetics bag.
  11. LOVE the wallet!
  12. Love the color of the patent wallet!! If other accessories are released in this color, they will be a must have!!! Love the scarf, too!!
  13. Tara, I almost ordered the tote today but changed my mind. Actually the SA kind of talked me out of it, she didn't like it either. Why don't you like it? Is it flimsy?
    Could you tell me the item number on the Legacy PT scarf? TIA
  14. Yes it is flimsy. When there isn't much in the bag it folds over in half. Also, it just doesn't look right on me.. on my shoulder or on my arm. For the price I am going to get something else in leather. I guess if I want a straw bag I will get a cute cheaper one somewhere else.
  15. Love the wallet!!!