*Wow!!My new Bal family additions within 2 wks*~Must See^^

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  1. :yahoo:Can't believe myself that i have added so many bbags lately and i'm still waiting for my 06 INK work (on the way) & 04 eggplant first (also on the way).

    However, i'm currently gather those that i have rec'd recently and took a tiny family shot on them to share my joy with you....wow, can u believe it??

    I didn't know that i have burst my cc with all these beauties.....Oh mine, i'm really on PURSE BAN now....:crybaby::crybaby:

    Start from left : 06 INK Oval Clutch, 02 Black FBF(Season 2)
    From middle : 06 INK mini coin purse
    3rd Row from left : 07 Vert Gazon MU Clutch, 05 Grey mini coin purse
    Bottom from left : Rouge Escape Car Design & Snake/Egg Design, then Bottega Veneta Animal Tan Fish Coin purse (with flash pic)
    Without flash Pic
    06 INk Oval Clutch (with flash)
    05 Grey Mini Coin purse & 06 INk mini Coin purse (with flash)
    07 Vert Gazon MU Clutch (with flash)

    Attached Files:

  2. One more photo below, do enjoy:yahoo: :

    Two rouge escape in car design & snake/egg design as well my cutie Bottega Veneta Animal Tan Fish Coin purse (with flash):heart::heart:

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  3. I love your Ink items! I can't wait to see pics of your other 2 BEAUTIES when they come in!!!!
  4. I like your Coin Purses - thats what I'm after next.

    Nice collection.
  5. Wow, great items!!! I love the INK color!! CONGRATS!!!
  6. celia love your bbags and that BV fish coin purse is tdf!
  7. Oh wow what a great collection, cant wait to see your other bits when they arrive!!!!
  8. Thanks to all Ladies!! I'm so HAPPY when i receive all....it was like shoppin for X'mas presents for urself...hahahahaha:dothewave::dothewave:
  9. Yes, the coin purse is the must to have...in fact, i have put on waitlist for the violet & tomato mini coin purse....really excited abt them:heart::heart:
  10. Kaka - indeed, i'm really crazy abt BV animal coin purse lately, i'm still searchin for the ladybird and hopefully get one more fish purse in Navy color.....:yes:
  11. everything is gorgeous!!!:yes:
  12. Congrats on all your great new additions!:yahoo:
    I'm waiting for my Ink Oval Clutch to arrive and seeing yours makes my even more excited!
  13. I'm sure u will definitely love this....i jus fell in love when i rec'd mine.......this clutch can stuff quite a lot and a great size to even bring out for casual/or wkends;);)
  14. are they still selling the oval clutch in stores??
  15. LOVE your collection, Celia!:love: Every single piece is so beautiful and unique!:heart: Congrats, sweety!:yes: