WOW My LV store still had some Heart Coin Purses

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  1. They had both the Silver and Gold Miroir and an Amarante as well. I wonder if LV made tons this year since they are selling online now, or maybe nobody wants them. I remember the manager saying they only got one each of the gold and silver, so I wonder if they never sold (doubtful) or they must have made alot and kept replenishing the store. I am glad I returned mine!!!
  2. I have seen them all except Pomme recently
  3. I've seen those (gold and Amarante hearts) and the makeup cases (Amarante, Silver Miroir and Violette) also.
    I'm not sure they made a TON, but I haven't seen people buying a whole lot lately so that could also be part of it.
  4. I wanted to get one but decided against it. It looked too small for me.
  5. I have both the heart and the make up case in amarante- when i tried to get the make up case as a gift last week soho and short hills both didnt have any so its a toss up on the q of 'how many they made'
  6. i've seen them too at LV in Macys Herald Square. There was a silver one on display about a week ago..I want one so bad but I cant justify that purchase right now :sad:
  7. I am sure LV anticipated the success of the Heart and Miroir lines and made many. Stocks are being replenished. This happens to a lot of their lines lately, people scramble to get certain 'Limited" lines at first as they are led to believe they are limited but more are being produced as they are sold. LV has gotten smarter.
  8. Today I saw 2 silver hearts in Saks, Beveryly Hills and also the pomme cosmetic case in the boutique on Rodeo Dr.

    I was so surprised to see them around still. :s
  9. i saw a silver heart and a silver cosmetic bag the other day at the store in Crown for those Melbourians~
  10. seem that it is not as limited as LV said..:cursing:
  11. Yeah, I've seen one at Neiman Marcus, and a few more at Valley Fair.

    I wanted one, too- the heart is my fav shape, but that's too much $$$ for something I would never use.

    Cute, though!
  12. Glad you returned your heart? Luv2BuyBags are you crazy?! Those hearts are gorgeous! I am glad I kept my gold miroir heart. It is too pretty to let go!
  13. I would love to have a Gold Miroir heart, but here in Denmark we only have ONE LV store, and they are all sold out. But okay i got the Violet :heart:
  14. Nice...I worked SOOO hard to get mine in Amarante. Now, they're everywhere??? It would be nice if they would be a little more helpful for people that want one since they aren't that difficult to find now. I got the runaround so many times before I got one. Interesting...
  15. hehe yes I am crazy...but...for the same price I got the new watercolor bandeau and am going to get the new pink flower ring (cant remember the name). I will use them where the heart would stay in the box in my closet if I kept it. If it looked cute hanging from a bag I would have kept it but it felt useless to me. It is still gorgeous to look at though.

    I guess the thing that bugs me is they led us to believe they were really limited...and then they mass produced. That just irked me enough to return.