Wow, my favourite sunglasses

  1. I just HAD to tell everybody what a steal I just got.
    My neighbour was carrying loads of boxes, so i helped and guess what ?? Dior and Gucci !! I couldnt believe it but turns out his company supplies to QVC and Ideal World, two home shopping companies over here in UK.
    Well, it turns out that every year they have a secret sale where they invite friends and friends of friends to come along and buy their surplus stock really cheap.
    Well, this year, they have a website but it is still invite only but i think anyone can go if they email first.
    Anyway, he let me have two pairs for £39 each, a gorgeous Dior with diamantes and Gucci with horsebit.
    Wow, I am totally made up !!!
    Sorry for you guys in the states, but if you mail them, maybe they can do a sale there ??? Its such a good idea. For you UK people, take a look,
    My neighbour is a really nice guy and maybe if you mention me, he'll give me another pair lol.
    Anyway, I got so many good tips from this site in past, time to give back.:roflmfao:
  2. That's like $78 dollars right? The local Off 5th has sunglasses for 59-79 here and if it's a good week, there's a coupon in ur email for at least 20% off! Good for you though,those are probably a little bit more current than the ones in the Saks outlet...
  3. Awesome score, Rhiannon!!!
  4. wow
    that is great.
    wish i had a local like that. My neighbour said that he sometimes does dandg and police and they can be much cheaper still, as little as £25 !!! But gucci, fendi and dior new season are generally more expensive. But god, at anything under £60, I am really happy.
    Gonna have to get some more i think.
    Sorry, just so excited. Amazing that the big stores get away with charging £200 a pair. Well, someone must pay !
    Will have to take a photo.
  5. yes pics please!!!
  6. I cant find the lead from my camera to computer but i found it on a website. Couldnt find the dior one yet, but heres my new gucci !! wooooooooo:nuts:
    gg2711 pu7 - oragnbrwn 43.jpg
  7. wow great deals. love the gucci shades you purchased. congrats.
  8. pretty sexy huh ? lolol
    i'll see if i can get you a pair !
  9. I love those Gucci's! I just got a pair in black/grey at NM. I love that brown pair too!
  10. That is really cool! I wish they had that in the states b/c I'm on the hunt for some sunnies.
  11. WOW. My neighbour just came round and said that one of you has been in touch with him about sending some sunnies over to the states. AND he said he'd do it ! I've seen alot of the ones he's got and they're really nice...One pair has a buckle, have you seen them ? In bluey green and only £60+. I wish i had not bought that new TV now.
    I WANT THEM ALL!!!!!
    Well, i hope you can all get some. I found the same pair I bought on the internet for £129 discounted !! And he said he'll try and sort cheap postage to US.
    Hope this is of use to any of you. :yahoo:
  12. Thanks Rhiannon! Awesome hookup!!!
  13. Youre very welcome sonya. Let me know if you get some. :smile::smile::smile:
  14. Rhiannon do you know if your neighbor is still willing to ship to the U.S?
  15. Okay girls, is this just me or this whole thing just sounds like someone trying to push a sale? Be careful!