Wow! 'My Dior' New collection

  1. check out ! :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
    any comments?
  2. Very Nice!!!! I love that second dress I saw! I love the bag in black!
  3. omg i came here to post a thread about it as well...

    i dont like the new line ..but the new cannage bags are TDF
  4. Wow! I love the new bags! They're like the Dior Flowers frame bag hybridized with the Detective, but made slouchier (way more casual) and larger! Maybe I like these because they look way better than the ugly Dior Spring/Summer 07 bags...if only the models walked down the runway with these.

    Has anyone noticed how this new bag seems to mix the YSL Muse with a bit of Chloe and Gucci?
  5. MayDay ... dior does inspire from other brands ..sometimes they immitate, remember the birkin look alike bag?
  6. ^ the diorkin is a guilty pleasure of mine
  7. does anyone know when it will be available in stores?? it is TDF!!!
  8. Wow. That collection is divine. I especially loooooooooove the brown crocodile one. :heart: :heart: It prolly cost a fortune though :crybaby:
  9. I posted this in the Handbags & Purses forum to answer the bag that Penelope was seen wearing and I thought I'd like to post it here too.

    Dior My Dior 2.jpg

    I didn't see this bag in the My Dior page. You have to go to the PRODUCT SEARCH link under collections to see this!

    I think this bag is really nice! COnsidering that the Dior Flowers frame bag is one of my fave designs, this new version uses a similar look but gives it less structure and more casual appeal.

  10. ^thats a cute bag..whats it called?
  11. The bag is called "My Dior"'s such a dumb name in my opinion because a bunch of Dior makeup products used to be called "My Dior" including a saddle-bag shaped gold limited edition compact. I think that the name of a bag is very important to its success, and "My Dior" really doesn't cut it for a bag that looks as beautiful as this.
  12. Don't hate me, but there's something about the My Dior bags that I dont like. I think it's the shape. It just doesn't speak to me like the other ones do
  13. loved it!!!
  14. I just got one of these bags in PARIS!and the matching shoes too..LOVES THEM!(Got the bag in black)
  15. For some reason I dont like a single bag out of the My Dior collection. All I can say is that wont be My Dior anytime soon!!
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