Wow, Monica Botkier is gorgeous!

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  1. I realize this may be my dippiest title for a thread ever. I apologize. But anyway, I have liked Botkier bags for awhile but I guess I never knew how totally gorgeous Monica herself was! I just came upon this picture of her getting inducted into the CFDA


    (she's in the middle,
  2. LOL @ your thread title :biggrin: but yeah she is! :biggrin:
  3. We'll be meeting her on Saturday!
  4. Wow Vlad, let us know how it goes (though I know you will)! Good lucK!
  5. She's gorgeous and very simple.I think she didnt want to be too flamboyant that is why she went for the silver clutch.
  6. That is very cool! Can't wait to hear all the details! :yes:
  7. we need all the details,pleaseeeee ! :yahoo:
  8. She is so elegant and feminine in the picture above. I admire her sense of style. IMHO The silver clutch is a perfect accessory for her outfit. I think her personal style (femininity and attention to detail) is mirrored in her creations. Eagerly awaiting your details, Vlad! :yes:
  9. She is stunning!!!! We look forward to meeting her tomorrow and will bring more pictures :yes:
  10. Can I get her autograph? Just kidding...but please do tell her how much we love her here!
  11. ^ Will do, and if you are in NYC, you can come meet her too tomorrow!!!

  12. I would LOVE to. I am in NJ and it wouldn't take long to get there, but my husband is an i-banker so he puts in long hours during the week, and weekends are our family time. He knows how much I love Botkier, but the thought of letting me loose in Saks with a bunch of enabling PFers and an idolized designer may just put him over the edge! :lol:

    But you never know, mom might just have to stage an escape...:graucho:
  13. ^^^^lol
  14. Any updates, ladies? Whip out those iPhones and Blackberrys and let us know if you saw Monica at Saks! And Megs and Vlad, too!:yes:
  15. ^ Wish we could have seen you there bagatella!! I met about 5 tPFers, all so sweet!!!!!!!

    Monica, well she is stunning! We will be bringing you her interview soon :smile: