Wow, miroir fever has not died down!

  1. Playing on eBay tonight, I was surprised to see miroir fever is as hot as ever. I was surprised to see all of the speedys going for over 2500, and some over 3000!

  2. I know Tink. I'm on a ban so I couldn't buy one:crybaby:. It's crazy how much they're going for. I want one sooooo bad! I've seen it for 5K:cursing: on eBay.
  3. ^^^ unbelievable.
  4. Ok I know a lot of us here aren't like it BUT...I don't think many people knew about these until recently when Paris Hilton was pictured with one. Then the interest grew.
    Like I said, most of us here knew about it before, but a lot of people probably didn't. Heck, if I wasn't in the store all the time and watching the runway shows after they happen, I bet I wouldn't have even known about it.
  5. if anyone is interested, I was at the Beverly Center LV today and they only have the pouchettes left.
  6. Houston Galleria still has 1 Speedy and 1 Keepall left...
  7. yeah celeb pics will do it.