WOW! Maybe Hermes' lawsuit is making a difference...

  1. In over 8 years on eBay, in which time I have bought, sold, traded or drooled over about three gazillion Hermes bags, I have never received an email like this until today.

    I just got this from an eBay employee:
    Hi (my name),
    My name is B*** and I work in the eBay Counterfeit Investigations Department, and I was wondering if you could look over these Hermes Bags and let me know what you think of them! If you need any other pictures or have any questions please let me know!

    And she sent about 10 pictures.

    So, the good news is that maybe eBay is finally sitting up and taking note of all the fake Hermes being sold! :yahoo: That's the good news.

    The not as good news is that the bags appeared to be AAA fakes--the highest quality I have EVER seen, and darn good enough to fool almost anyone, I would think. :s Every detail was allllmost exactly right. Just a few tiny things that were only apparent on extremely close inspection.
  2. Make sure you verify with Ebay that it is a legitimate email from one of their employees. As I'm sure you know, there are spoof emails sent out occasionally.
  3. It is ;) I know her.
  4. That's great then!! :tup:
  5. I know! I was so proud of them!
  6. Ebay is in the midst of a civil trial defending a copyright infringement suit by Tiffany. Maybe that is part of the impetus.
  7. These must be those bags Pete at LZ was talking about. Wow!
  8. i have seen that website based in china with the "super fakes". they sell shoes, scarves, etc too. and they even say they will stamp your initials on the bags. i just about threw up. cant these people, who are BLATANTLY selling arrested???? and the crazy part is im sure they are peddling through people on ebay (or are trying to) they think have good reputations and oh boy, the damage and possibilities for disaster are endless. please tell me there is a solution!
  9. That's great that they are taking steps to pay some attention to the issue. I hope they are not sharing your name though with any Hermes affiliates? I wonder if that could be why Madison is being cold to you? Just a thought...but I'm glad Ebay is calling on your expertise to get rid of some of the scammers. That's a big step up, and good for you for contributing.
  10. Cyn, did you ask her where you should send your bill as a consultant?
  11. That's great news if Ebay is truly concerned.
  12. Cynthia, that's great news! I'd be soo terrified to buy anything Hermes off Ebay. I'd like to see all the con artists gone.
  13. Well done Cynthia,
    There are so many fakes on E bay uk , I despair they will ever get the real fakers, and to make it worse some people buy them knowing they are fake.

    BTW love your blog and house its gorgeous and your working so hard!
  14. well, i just e-mailed Hermes about the chinese website and sent them the link. happy that ebay is taking a bit of initiative, although they need specialist teams on board permanently for authentication.
  15. Exactly what I was thinking! She may be a friend...but if not I think it's ballsy of ebay to ask you to varify without putting you on the payroll!