Wow LVR sure has some nerve!


Feb 21, 2006
On the plus side, my mousse is being sent out. I emailed them last night to make sure everything was OK has they had received my exchange last week. Theyre response was that again they were sorring for the delay, the 14 day return period wouldnt apply to me but they said I should have LIED on the fedex form so they wouldn't have to pay duties. The hell? They said I should have only filled out the form they sent. Which was just a piece of paper. FedEx required me to fill out like 3 pages of junk and there was no way I was going to falsify customs documents. :mad: Ugh. So glad to be done with all of this.
That was one of my problems with an eBay seller recently...she marks the bag as a "gift" so you don't pay customs. But that is illegal, and if something happened to the bag in transit I would have been screwed! I am not up for falsifying customs forms! I don't love the bag enough to go to jail over it!
Yeah, there was no way I was going to mark a 1200 bag at 10$. Seriously, if something were to happen insurance would only pay the $10. I have nno idea what form they "only" wanted me to fill out. On their return section they state they send a FedEx thing for you to fill out in the case of a return but I never got that. All I got was some crappy pro forma invoice that I printed out from home and that wouldn't even be on the outside of the package - it was like a packing slip. I'm seriously pissed about this - even more than them lying about which bag I was getting in the first place, the delays, ect. :blink: Yeah, the savings are nice but I think this is the last time I'm dealing with LVR. :cool:
Probably not, this has all left a bad taste in my mouth. I must say though the actual ordering process from them is smooth. Fast shipping, great packaging ect. It's just the customer service after the fact that has really, really, sucked. It doesn't help that this week is already going to hell in a handbasket and this mess on top of it has not helped any. I still can't believe they had the nerve to chastise me for not lying on the forms! And they're a business! Surely I can't be the only person to have returned merchandise to them with the correct value stated.
Oh nawth21, sorry to hear about your dealings with LVR. I'm also put off by them coz I ordered a choc paddy from there but then got an email saying there was a problem with it?? So, I rang them and spoke with Christina who said there's actually a glitch on their website which shows things as being "available" when they're really not (some gals here on the PF also experienced this with Mulberry Phoebes). But the thing is... like prolly a whole week after that, the darn choc Paddy is still shown as "available" on their website. You'd think that once they knew of the glitch, they'd fix it, right? NO! So, goodness knows how many other ppl were duped by that. Also, I can attest that their correspondence suck with a capital S. I had to write them 3 emails consecutively (the last one a little less nice) to demand my refund. So I feel for you, hun. Good to know they've now finally shipped your bag. I remember reading about your return troubles ages ago it seems!
Ugh, I've always been hot and cold with LVR. I've ordered shoes a few times from them unsuccessfully. They have a great selection but their website seems secondary in priority. Nothing ever seems to be in stock, at least with me.

And I am not too fond of this "declaring package as gift" deal when it comes to expensive bags either. I understand the concept but still. What if the bag went lost or got damaged? Someone bought a bag from me on ebay awhile ago and she told me to mark the bag as a gift. I didn't like being told to do that but I did it anyway.
Murasaki, that buyer should have consulted with you first before they bid whether you'd be comfortable marking as "gift" or not. I know some sellers are ok with this and others not and it's really up to the individual how it sits with them. But yeah, that person should've asked u first. Sorry you had to go thru that.

Also, when shipping expensive items, it's good policy to use a service that offers tracking so you can give the buyer the # and they can check for themselves. If you mark as "gift" you should also warn the buyer that in the event of loss or damage, it's really on them to bear the burden, not u. Once it leaves your hands at the post office or courier (Fedex/DHL, etc.), that's it.