Wow. Lots of real good deals over there at the Fake Coach Factory Onlne!

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  1. Yeah! I mean, as long as you can pay with fake money. The pictures alone look so shoddy, I can't imagine how they would look at home. But, I just love this final line on their "About Us" page

    Hopefully ,our company will bring good benefit to more businessmen.and build a good business relationship.directly oversees the production of our designer handbags to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

    What could I add to that?
  2. looks like Coach is gradually getting these types of sites shut down. I decided to Google to see if I could see what you were talking about, and two sites had messages on them that they had been shut down for selling counterfeits. I did find one site. The items pictured were absolutely laughable.
  3. I didn't want to link to the fake site, but I couldn't resist posting some pics. They're horrific to say the least.

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  4. • To report counterfeits, please call the Coach counterfeit hotline at 877-788-7656 or email the information requested below to This can be done anonymously.

    • • The following information is useful to Coach to take action against a counterfeiter:

      • º Location, Name, and Address
      • º Type of location (retail store, flea market, internet, etc.)
      • º Quantities and styles of products being sold
      • º Do the items say Coach or use any of our Trademarks (i.e. Signature C design, Coach Lozenge, Horse & Carriage logo)?

    ---This is from, under counterfeit education.
  5. I did that.
  6. That second one looks like it says "Cooch" not "Coach" on the pushlock. Gah, how AWFUL, LOLOLOL. A Cooch bag.

  7. LOL!!!!! What's with the beads on the first one? Looks like a great bag for a 5 year old.

  8. LOLOL, like an arts n crafts project! Look at the horse and carriage on it. Is a cow on the carriage driving the horse? LOLOL

    Somethin's really wrong with it, LOLOL.

  9. OMG... My FIL's aunt was going around once requesting a cooch bag.. Omg I died every time she said it!
  10. I see these all over Pinterest!! They're so ugly!

  11. NO! How could they even want one? Although I worked with a girl who was looking at a site like this and asked my opinion. She thought they were real Coach bags, she truly didn't know. Got her signed up for FOS and at last count she had 3 REAL Coach bags! Some people don't research their purchases I guess....

  12. Oh it's crazy how many people have fakes (all sorts of brands) pinned onto their wish lists! Even though people comment it's fake it's pinned and shared like crazy. And they're really bad fakes.

    Though these people are swayed by the price. 30$ for cooch! What a deal!!
  13. My friend has a fake and is quite proud of it! Thinks it's great to have a knockoff that cost her so little. She doesn't like it when I call it a Foach! lol
  14. I can't get over how poorly made these fakes are. Crooked stitches, loose stitches, messy edge paint, plastic zippers, etc. I have see Walmart bags with better craftsmanship. They were charging $45 for these atrocities.
  15. I couldn't resist adding a couple more pics. I needed a good laugh. Seriously, WTF is that red thing? The other one looks like a fake Coach and a fake Balenciaga got too close to each other in the shipping crate from China and spawned a love child.

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