Wow...lots of new Juicy bags!

  1. has a lot of new Juicy bags on their site!
    I love the quilted velour one.
    And I think we still get 20% off with the promotion code....
  2. The code is: thepurseforum
  3. thank you! sis wants a juicy bag for christmas
  4. awwwww.....your chinchillas are so cute!
  5. That small bowler is adorable! I'm getting it for my 14 year old niece. I hope she likes it!
  6. I just ordered the quilted velour in black....I'm so excited! :wlae:
  7. Thanks! I need some gifts for my sisters!
  8. Are they Juicy freaks too? I need to stop buying Juicy for my friends as I always wind up keeping it for myself. Lucky me!!!!!
  9. Did you see the new engagement ring ornament on the bags? Sooooo cute!