wow look Chanel Coco phone!

  1. That is one cool phone!
  2. IF this has to be moved please move:shame: i dont remember if its ok to post a link like that, but thats why i credited kanye west website. For those of you who dont want to click on the link here are the pictures, the link just gives a little more info about it, how its glass and you see images etc.. Very cool thing though!:p
    3106_11b366f54f6dda96d9ac0854fe7915e6.jpg thumb_3164_17ae8db774f87b241a4d5ad1456a4ed1.jpg thumb_3164_25e1715e76587e2bddb1a1c9e8c72787.jpg thumb_3164_63ce7cae2b2b3a78c4669fd4fd4c5c23.jpg thumb_3164_80020fb715fbe1e8ef72cc46f0d43002.jpg
  3. it is awesome! i wonder what will the price be[​IMG]

    I HAVE to get this. My other passions in life are music and electronics, so any combination of those plus Chanel = MUST HAVE.
  5. I was looking at Prada LG phones the other day and kept wondering when they'll come up with Chanel phones. Oh, this is awesome. :flowers:
  6. Oh my! I want one now!
  7. Best phone i have ever seen! It just had to be Chanel to come out with a concept for what would be the hottest phone ever!! [​IMG]
  8. WOW! lol i think we all want this :drool::drool:; hopefully its the same price as a bag:shame: :upsidedown::upsidedown:

    I have a thing for not getting "ordinary" phones, they need to be special (i.e. "designer" edition) -that sounds really awful now that I've said that out loud but anyways... I got the Pink Juicy Couture Sidekick and then the DG Razor and was thinking of getting the new Prada phone (vs. iPhone)

    I've been secretly praying for this. LOL :lol:
  10. Is that for real? When is it suppose to come out. Wonder what the price will be.
  11. Cool phone, i've been waiting for Chanel to come out with a mobile phone. Bound to happen with releases of DG, Prada.
  12. i just showed my DH and he was like :nuts: "Wow! Wow! Wow..."
    I love how it is transluscent.... it's a work of art.
  13. i just showed my DH and he was like :nuts: "Wow! Wow! Wow..." Probably the only Chanel he will ever drool over.
    I love how it is transluscent.... it's a work of art.
  14. wow! that's really cool...but i'd be soooo scared of scratching or dropping it!