WOW, Look at what I just got... THINK PINK

  1. :nuts:Very cute! We are all so into pink lately!
  2. OMG, those are TOO cute! Congrats!
  3. Those are very cute!!
  4. they have these @ Nordstrom, i think they're only a department store item. SOOOOO cute, I almost took a pic of them the other day b/c they have them in a really nice display.

    good buy!!! :tup:
  5. I got these last month during Macy's F&F for $148 in the pink and black/silver to add to the pair of brown I got during Nov PCE.

    You will LOVE them. I have worn a pair everyday!
  6. Goooooorgeous!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE them! COngrats!!!!:yahoo:

  7. I have wanted a pair for a little while now but when I seen them in Pink that was it. :yahoo: Congrats on having two :tup:
  8. You are correct, they are a department store item only. I cant wait to see these IRL, I will post photos when I receive them, Thanks!!!
  9. There's sure been lots of pink stuff displayed here in the past couple of days! :love:
  10. Very cute-
  11. yay pink! :smile: those boots look great and definitely seem like they'll keep your feet really warm!
  12. Pink!!!! Yay!!!!! Very nice!!!!!
  13. nutz4purses, congrats! :tup:

    Cute boots! Lovelovelove pink with khaki sig! :girlsigh:
  14. Very cute! Congrats!