Wow... Look at these!

  1. Sorry if these have been posted already...
    11780.jpg 11783.jpg 11786.jpg 11799.jpg 11806.jpg
  2. More...
    11821.jpg 11843.jpg 11877.jpg 11886.jpg 11888.jpg
  3. Interesting...
    11890.jpg 11905.jpg 11909.jpg 11921.jpg
  4. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, is the pink the new scribble?
  5. interesting indeed! I really like the small white Luci-esque one.

    would some of these be the new Soho line?
  6. Those first bags with the leather flowers are the ones I saw at the boutique in pics!:wtf: They are coming out in March!
  7. Lovin' this tote...
    12220.jpg 41236.jpg 41281.jpg 41283.jpg 41505.jpg
  8. well that's just great. i'm going to be broke! i hope i get a PCE in march! thanks for posting those!
  9. is that turquoise french wallet metalic? swoon!
  10. I want, NO need that tote purse. I love it. Love, love love it!!!!!!
  11. So cute...
    40920.jpg 92277.jpg 92282.jpg 92289.jpg 92294.jpg
  12. Ok - that tattersall tote is coming home with me !! woo hoo :wlae::woohoo::okay:

    I love the turquoise wallet too - yummy
  13. That Hampton's Tote in Tattersall with the pink stripe is HOTTTT!
  14. i love the tattersall tote, but am really not liking those first bags with the leather flowers. The earth charm is interesting looking as well.
  15. OMG!!! I love the optic Madeline!!! When will this be coming out?!?!?