Wow look at the redecorating here!

  1. :nuts::nuts:I love it!! Well worth the 2 hours of withdrawal :yes: Great job!!!!
  2. Very pretty:yes:
  3. Good Job Vlad!!! :yahoo:
  4. Nice very soft!!
  5. ha ha just logged on and thought I was on the wrong board
  6. It looks amazing! I just feel a little disoriented until I get used to it!
  7. Love it! Cool.
  8. Yes :yes:

    Most importantly there's a Speedy on the banner so we should be very proud to be the LARGEST (am I correct?) section in tpf :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I'll have to get used to pink :push:
  9. ah how lovely, i just noticed that :smile:
  10. I feel so weird and lost. :blink:

    I'm gonna have to get use to this new style. :graucho:
  11. I :heart: it!
  12. I was wondering when the new design was going to be set... I love it!
  13. i was like whoa .. did i click the wrong link .. where's my control panel .. what's going on .. BUT I LOVE IT!
  14. i love it:smile:
  15. I love it, looks great! Good job!