Wow look at all the bags on Bluefly NOW!!

  1. Don't forget the code for additional 10 or 15%!!
  2. I just took a look!!! There's some new/old season bbags.....GH, RH in city, brief, work....tobacco, truffle,black, white and cinnamon. WOW, I can't believe my eyes.
  3. 10% off purchase of $100 or more, one-time use
  4. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    I was up early trying to track down my passport - a little shopping on Bluefly while I'm on hold (45 min. and counting) makes it a little less painful!
  5. I used MISS238 for an extra 15% off! Good luck!
  6. Where does Bluefly buy their Balenciagas? Do you know?
  7. there's so many to choose from.....i'm glad ur up to take a look. no harm in waiting and shopping :smile:.please post if you get something!!
  8. Not sure lovelygarments!

    I have purchased from them before and they are authentic.

    I did read or hear something that months ago they were accused of selling fakes, but it was because people were buying the handbags, keeping them, and returning fakes for credit. Now bluefly uses the tag system.
  9. I ordered the twiggy - they called it cognac, but it looks like sienna (I hope!) - I was torn between that and the City in mogano
    with code MISS238 it was $750!
  10. def it was sienna twiggy :heart: the color, the city mogano was nice too!! you should order both;)
  11. Is it the same as the tobacco city... I am ordering as we speak... I hope I like it!!
  12. Wow Days and Cities wiped out
  13. I need to wake up earlier!! What colors did they have?
  14. I just saw a Black Part Time with SGH, Mahogany Part Time with SGH, Mahogany Day- all gone!!!!:crybaby:
  15. Actually, they did appear to accidentally (giving them the benefit of the doubt) buy some stock of fake Balenciagas about a year ago ... and there was a lot of grief on this forum regarding that. There hasn't been any evidence of fakes being sold by them in recent months, though. Luckily they have a good return policy ... and don't remove the tag until you get it authenticated on this forum if you are in doubt.