WOW - Lindy look-alike already!

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  1. I don't have a picture to post (booooo) but on p. 91 of the April ELLE, Dolce and Gabbana has a bag with essentially the same styling as the Lindy (chain strap instead of leather though!)! I was shocked!

    You can see it on the 2007 Dolce and Gabbana web-site, but I can't copy a picture.

    I wonder how many copies of this bag will be out there this year? Obviously, the Kelly, Bolide and Birkin inspire alot of designers, but I never thought this would surface so fast!
  2. I KNOW that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery or however that goes, but I wish designers would just think of their own ideas. Although I must say that the Lindy reminded me of a Hogan like bag the first time I saw it.
  3. I will be looking for this pic!
  4. It reminds me so much about the Chloe Paddington. When it was first launched, so many different brands started to copy the look and feel. And distress leather became the IN thing.

    This Lindy will become a Hermes staple. I am sure of it.
  5. here is a small pic from

  6. this b&d hobo also reminds me of the lindy with its sideways handles and nondetachable strap that connects them

  7. better pics of the d&g but in ugly plastic (from luisaviaroma)

  8. It's as if Courtney Love designed a special edition Lindy bag!!
  9. LOL Potiron! ^^ It is quite scary-looking... :sick:
  10. The chain is straight up Marc Jacobs Stam.
  11. I get so many mixed emotions ..

    I'm thankfull and happy that I've found hermes and am learning about the brand their great design and workmanship..

    But I also find it sad that all those notable designers of our current age can't seem to spend time creating a unique design of their own..

    And many times Hermes seem to be the one they turn to.... :sad:

    but in a sense I empathize because they sell their bags at a cheaper rate and it afforable to many.. who can't afford Hermes or don't know of its existence
  12. ITA w/ mrssparkles - this bag will definitely be a staple.
  13. Oh no, that is so not right! Very soon, we'll have an influx of cheap fakes all modelling the Lindy bag, gross!
  14. Lindy has gone S & M! Aaarrrgghhh!

    I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but man, that's one hard looking bag.
  15. Oh dear. :wtf: