Wow Lindsay

  1. She looks ridiculous
  2. I agree. Too much makeup and not enough class.
  3. i've actually been wanting those pj's...
  4. I love the pj's. In her Instyle interview she stated how great her closet is.
    If I had these clothes when I was 20??? OUT OF CONTROLL!
  5. ok where can I get the pj's?
  6. :yes: hehe interesting , liking her eye makeup though..2nd picture more than the 1st
  7. It looks like she's on her way to a theme party. I hardly doubt she goes out like that every night. She's always very stylish and has great taste. I think she still looks stylish here. Very edgy.
  8. I actually like it! I think she looks good.
  9. it was halloween weekend..she probably went to a party.... I LOVE her taste though =D
  10. same thought :biggrin:

  11. Lindsay Lohan rocks silk pj's labeled "AP" on Saturday night. What's in her left hand?[/quote]

    It looks like one of those whips a jockey uses to hit the horse to run faster. But this whip is decaled with bling!

    If this is a Halloween costume, what is she suppose to be? A goth jockey who sleepwalks?

    I may be stupid here but...what does the AP stand for?:shrugs:
  12. Those look like Agent Provocateur pajamas....
  13. yikes..looking really trashyy
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