Wow let-trade sure is fast...

  1. He has one of the new mono/leopard bags on his site already???
    Which owner would buy a bag and disown it so quickly??? :crybaby:
    Poor thing, poor thing.

    I actually really like the shape of this bag...just not the leopard :P
  2. i suppose if someone gives you a bag, and you dont really want it, you sell it? =)
  3. i love the new bag. leopard print= yummy.

    personally, i if i had this bag i would use it as a collection piece, and not as a functional purse.
  4. I think this is the one on display at LV here? It actually is quite lovely in person but I agree the leopard just takes it a little too much over the top.
  5. It's so beautiful....:heart:
  6. :wtf: Not real sure that I would purchase this~ but it is someone's bag:drool: ...Let-trade is quick on the draw~
  7. Some people buy things they thought they'd like but turns out to be different? Dunno.. not my cup of tea.
  8. What's "karung"? :shrugs:

    This bag is soooo beautiful IRL. :heart:.
  9. i think it's beautiful bag, but it would've been so much better w/o the leopard
  10. it sure is a unique looking bag and it's huge...but leopard print wouldn't go well with me.
  11. it's a nice bag.... maybe it would have looked better if they didn't have the leopard print on it, and made it a nice toffee color?? :shrugs:
  12. I saw this bag in person today. Lovely shape but the leopard print on this particular style was so loud
  13. I think it's HOT! lol
  14. I love this in the stamped leather, it is gorgeous. This version has a little too much going on for my taste. It is a stunning bag, just not for me.
  15. I like leopard and I like mono, but I'm not a big fan of them together.

    Kind of like nuts and gum--I like both, but I wouldn't want to be chewing on both at the same time!