wow just wow: 1300 pound man :( yes photo..

  1. ..Just read about this guy on another forum: Did anyone else just see this guy recently on the news:

    About Manuribe | (Has his photos, AIM name even, food intake info, etc.)

    At 1300 pounds its mindblowing.. why oh why does this happen? Im just in shock from having read/heard about this :sad: Im just speechless.

  2. You would think at some point the guy would have said "hey, I think I need to cut back"...

    Damn. Just damn.
  3. Yeah, I've heard about him . . . the poor guy!
  4. That is the sadest thing I have ever seen.
  5. yikes..=\
  6. When people are bedridden like this, they clearly cannot get their own food.
    What about whoever is bringing him his 20,000 calories a day? What are they thinking?
  7. Ugh, I don't even understand how a person could get that big or how someone could let their boyfriend/relative get that big. I read somewhere online that codependency contributed to weight gain like that-that a spouse or a relative likes having someone depend on them, it makes them feel wanted and important, so they encourage the person to eat more, to wait on them hand and food so that they don't exercise. It makes sense.

    I hope he gets help. You can't live very long at that size. The human body just isn't mean to be that size. I can't even begin to imagine the medical problems he must have.
  8. Okay, is anyone else touching their own stomachs when they saw the picture? (Or is that just me?)
  9. thanjs god x 100 for bening who i am
  10. That is simply scary!
    I can't imagine that no one in his life would help him cut back for the sake of his health.:crybaby:
  11. :wtf::wtf::wtf:

    i can't imagine how anyone could become like that
  12. He is pretty huge..that looks kinda intimidating. Actually, a lot intimidating. He's like, 13 times my weight...yikes!
  13. I feel so bad for him... :sad:
  14. :shocked: Good lord.
  15. I'm surprised in some ways he is still alive. He should be admitted to the hospital where and undergo an aggressive protein diet to help him lose some of the weight. Then, maybe, plastic surgeons can remove some of his extra tissue. Although, probably with all the underlying medical problems he may have secondary to his obesity no one may want to operate on him.