wow, just wow: 1200 pound american "goth" guy from the too. (Fixed thread

  1. Talk about weight loss motivation. Did anyone else see this "goth" guy (Yes its a GUY), Mark from New York or something, on the news? He was on local ABC and was discussing body image and modeling/the media. He said his doctors actually put his weight at around 1200 pounds though his last known weight was 1100 or something and he eats 20,000 calories in ONE day! Photo and link to his page with dozens other of his photos but Be WARNED: some are more graphic then this one, his AIM name: markpat003, videos of his TV appearances, his daily meal info, etc).

    His website from the interview:

  2. Oh dear, sometimes I wonder how people let themselves get like that.
  3. That breaks my heart.
  4. Oh my...I tried to look at the Fotki, but the albums are password protected
  5. That's disgusting. I'm all into people being proud about their body image and everything, but there's a certain line between proud body image and delusional! The guy's gonna have all kinds of health problems and die young. What's to be proud about with that?? What kind of life must he lead? He's probably trapped in the house all day. Just sad. What a way to waste your life.
  6. oh, wow.
  7. Is he proud to be that huge? He almost looks that way in the photo. He needs help urgently!
  8. I feel bad for him. Whatever demons have driven him to do that to himself must be very painful.
  9. Trying the photo ONE more time..grrr:

  10. ...nopeee :search:
  11. Well...I cannot see the picture but Im sure it is not a pleasant sight. :sad: Is he proud to weigh that much or does he have no self control???
  12. I see what the problem is. It seems like when he "Locks" his site to work on it, according to his webpage, it breaks the link. But when he unlocks it, the link works/you can see the photos.
  13. I don't understand. It's like he's proud to be the way he is even though he has no mobility. What's up with that guy?
  14. Umm . . . .
  15. omg...