WOW... just saw a Tattersall trench on TV

  1. I was watching Gossip girl and one of the obnoxious girls had on a Tattersall trench.

    If ONLY I was stick thin and could pull it off with all my other Tattersall goodies. Does anyone actually OWN this trench?
  2. hahahahaha i just saw that too!!!
  3. missed it this week. trying to decide if it's worth my time or not. :sad: it's cool to see all the gorgeous Coach stuff on it though!
  4. remember it is usually repeated on Sundays. I LOVE that show and this week IT WAS GOOD!
  5. just saw it as well, will be released in stores in feb. no.#80335. $798.It's called the great american trench in Tatersall. ohh me likey!!
  6. Ya I saw it too and I loved that trench!
  7. I didn't see it. Gotta look out for it now. Is it cute?
  8. Seen it too and I thought of you guys.
  9. Nevermind looks like thats just the coat or w/e;)
  10. I saw the coat and said it out loud and future DH just rolled his eyes.....its a neat coat, very youthful.
  11. Ahh I saw that too!!
    I was like OMG is that the same pattern as my bag and my friend was looking at me like I was crazy. I was like yep that's totally it. I checked online but didn't find anything!! Good to know I wasn't the only one who noticed!
  12. i saw it too ! i think it's really cute ! then again things always seem to look better on tv !