WOW!! Just received my LP Angie Speedy!!

  1. :tup:I just got mr LP Angie Speedy in aubergine and the color is TDF!! It is a rich burgundy with plum tones. It is also the perfect size and I love the detachable strap. Awesome!! The leather is soooo soft and sturdy as well. Lovely bag. Got a great deal at Kataphileo. Love it!!
  2. Congrats! Do you have picture of it? The colour sounds really nice.
  3. Pics, please!! :yes:
  4. Congrats! I've actually been eyeing that bag for awhile because of the color.
  5. ^^

    If you get it from kataphileo, use kata25 for additional 25% off!!
  6. Kings, are you able to post a picture. I am curious to see what color Aubergine really looks like?
  7. I tried taking pics but can't get the true color. It looks exactly like this Gustto Parina in wine. It's nothing like the purple on the websites. It's more of a rich burgundy with plum tones. Really pretty but more sangria than purple.

    Here's a pic of the Gustto in wine.

  8. Pretty!