Wow! just called customer service and they still have some white poppy demis!!

  1. I wonder what else they have??
  2. A LOT of stuff considering I got that signature stripe tote in crimson from them today and they still had both sizes but they were made last year and haven't been in stores in a long time! She said they are only touting new stuff on the website but they have all kinds of other things in stock. :drool:
  3. hmmm i love a lot of things that came and went... like poppy.. i wonder what else i should ask them? man i m horrible
  4. You've posted in my other thread. THAT's horrible. You=SO not horrible, girl.
  5. Interesting, see, now I'm really wishing I wouldn't have thrown out my old catalogs!!
  6. lol thanks sarah!! we are such enablers!!
  7. hey i have a question! if i get store credit from the coach store, can i use it in the outlet?

  8. Yes :yes: as far as I know as long as it's Coach credit you can use it in any Coach store-- retail boutique or factory store. Just not at Macy's or any other retailer obviously :graucho: Enjoy that credit!!!
  9. thanks! i m gonna have to do that because of the carly :sad: i m gonna get a signature stripe demi (i've always wanted one) and the rest, whenever i go to an outlet, i will use!