Wow! I've been gone a long time! You can order from now?

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  1. Every time I tried to order from the LV site, I was always sent to eLux. I was checking out the "what's new" on the site and see the Palermo GM. It's only ~1200 and I think it would fit my MacBook Pro

    So my questions are?

    1) How long have we been able to order from the LV site in the U.S?
    2) Does anyone have the Palermo GM and would like to share their experience.


  2. I dont have the Palermo, but I LOVE it! Go for it!
  3. I think I will! They are 2 of them on eBay for 2K????? Saying they are sold out in store??? What a ripoff! LOL

    At least if it doesn't hold my lappy, I can return it:yes:

    I'm just a bit worried about how thin the straps are.