wow i've been bad, 3 pairs of coach flats this month!

  1. its only the beginning of decemeber and so far I have gotten:

    striped legacy flats!! i wore a cute black tunic and leggings and these yesteerday to my office party, with of course my legacy folded wristlet, tres cute if i do say so myself lol.

    my mother bought me black flats with the medallion, not sure how i feel about them, just yet, but i do need black flats.

    and I just ordered gold travel flats for pce!
    yay or nay?
  2. CONGRATS! I am wanting the Magenta Travel Flats but I am a Pink nut.
    I bet you where adorable in the legacy shoes and wristlet, that sounds so cute with what you were wearing.
  3. ^^if i could pull of pink i'd want them too! but with my "tough" image eveyrone would laugh at me LOL. i;ve wanted gold flats since, embarrassingly enough, i saw emma watson with gold flats, and they looked so cute i've been wanting pair for years!
  4. Haha... I bought 3 pair this month too, and a fourth on the way, so don't feel bad at all!
  5. that is alright i luv coach shoes also they r the best ....can wear with soem mahy outifts and Add the extra "chicness"
    to any outfit
  6. Congrats! Ohhh man, I saw the striped Legacy flats yesterday and they were TDF. And on sale....took all my strength to walk away... :sad:
  7. Congrats on your flats! I also got the Legacy stripes and the converse-like shoes too. So what, right? You can never have enough shoes...and bags! :p
  8. Pics? I want to see pics.