Wow! It's One Gorgeous Twiggy! *PLEASE BE AWARE - THIS BAG IS FAKE*

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  1. OMG! :drool::drool:
  2. *Edit.
  3. Wow this is a really nice deal. It is rare to see an older bag in such great condition. And most importantly- clean handles! :drool: Hope someone here gets it!
  4. ladies, this was posted earlier but our mod moved the earlier post to the authenticate this thread.
  5. I don't think it's authentic... the studs don't look right for pewter hardware - too sharp and pointy and not tarnished looking.
  6. :shrugs: I've noticed the hardware, but I have seen some rare 04's with the same looking hardware. The seller needs to come up with pictures of the bales on the shoulder strap! The leather is what is getting to me, it's perfectly matched to the kind of leather I have on my 05 turq twiggy. I'm heading to naff's site to see if I can find anything on the hardware.
  7. It almost tricked me because the tassles are tied right for an '03 bag and the small rivets on the back and everything is right for an '03, but the studs look fake. Do you see what I mean? They look the same as the studs on the "good" fakes. Plus the relative position of the buckles look off. Plus, it can't be '04 marigold. Were there twiggies in '03?
  8. :confused1:
    I am not sure about the studs, but the tassles look odd to me now. Narrow, long, and loopy. Anyone else?
    Good question! When were the first Twiggy's introduced?
  9. I almost did BIN! Look at her feedback, she bought a Anis Twiggy from lvlady but the pix dont shows the winner as the person whos the current high bidder! ODD
  10. I e-mailed about the missing strap and received this response: "This bag has no strap." I am suspicious.
  11. I like it.
  12. I responded to the other thread.

    Seller says that there's no strap, no close up pics bc the color won't come out in his camera and it's from 2005.
  13. Total BS.
  14. Ugggh what a shame- this seller is sketchy