Wow...isn't this nice!

  1. I saw this at the outlet and went Wow what a nice bag? Here's a picture of the bag a saw.....It's the Coach Legacy Leather Pocket Shoulder Tote.

    The price was around $700
  2. Super nice!
  3. Are you serious $700.00 @ the outlets? Isn't that what they retailed for in full price boutiques?

    Besides the price it is a pretty bag, I wanted it last year when it came out!
  4. Gosh, $700! How much was it retail?
  5. Wow $700 is a little much. That's like 2 good full-priced coach bags.
  6. I like it.
  7. $700 was the retail price. They said that the Carla, Ali and tons of other bags are transfers from the full price stores or boutiques.

    They really be having some nice things? I'm in trouble now;)
  8. Good grief... $700... at the outlets??
  9. $798 was retail I think.

    I have it in the dark brown and love it, but I barely use it :/
  10. Sprinkles...that's it $798.00. I love it too but I can't afford it.
  11. i like it, but it looks a bit tall. kinda of in proprtion.
  12. Yeah, it was $798. I have it in dark brown, was able to use a PCE coupon to get it.

    I have to say I saw two white ones at my outlet before I started working there. I had wanted it originally in the white but got the brown because you can't clean them due to their kind of leather. When I saw them at the outlet they were around $330 but the one I got had a couple spots on it so the knocked an extra 30% off on top of it. So I have it in white and brown, I LOVE those bags.
  13. I wanted that bag so bad when they first came out! It's a beautiful bag but I'm happy with my new Ali:smile:
  14. I love it in the ivory color!:heart:
  15. I have this bag and use it all the time for work! It holds A LOT of stuff, you'd be amazed. And it is holding up beautifully. But I am surprised they are asking so much for it at the outlets.