Wow, isn't this a GREAT DEAL?

  1. Awesome deal! Why can't i ever find good deals:crybaby:
  2. I know. My pre-owned Chanel bags are from 03-04 collection and they cost from $650 to $1K... It is AMAZING that with millions of people watching there are still fantastic deals to be had on eBay!
  3. If it was authentic- that person got a great deal!
  4. WOW that was a great deal!
  5. I am still leary of eBay, to many horror stories.:wondering
  6. I think this one looks real--with the price tag from either NM or Saks --to me it says authentic but I don't know if there are people out there can do that on a fake bag.
  7. EVERYTHING can be faked, even a reciept. It's so scary, I can never buy anything online again, great deal or not. it's a sad sad world :sad:
  8. I never trusted a receipt... hanging tags--not sure about that one. Anyway, I agree it is very risky out there...
  9. i think its hideous it just me?
  10. Well, it has a very nice shape but the color is kind of drab and ugly... makes me think of old lady, 80+
  11. That was a fabulous deal. Looks very good to me.:yes:
  12. I actually bought this one for $1325 from NM about 5 years ago. The color is deep and it IS fabulous. It is extremely soft though, fingerprints and scratches easily - not a an everyday wear. Somebody got a helluva deal........
  13. OMG! A lot of times pictures on eBay do not capture the beauty of Chanel bags and kind of knew the color should be better IRL. But this kind of deal is really rare -Millions of people scan ebay daily and they missed this one = )

  14. I agree :yes: But not for me, I don't like the color though. :biggrin: