Wow, is this a good fake or what?!

  1. OMG! for that price!! Geez!:sick:
  2. Am I missing something? how is this fake?
  3. also confused :huh:
  4. Ummm........... this isnt fake. Its the real deal.
  5. ^^^ That's what i thought's purty
  6. that's what I thought too! Where is sweetsparkle??? Wasn't she looking for this bag?
  7. I thinkthis is the lady who was "place holding" her auction and just now put the pictures up
  8. I'm gettin dizzy:blink: How do you know this one is a fake?? It's so confusing !
  9. uh, note that it is pounds, not dollars. not so cheap, IMO.
  10. Don't see what's wrong with it, must be authentic. That leather is litterally making me drool.

    That's over retail price for a bag that is slightly stained and shows some wear. YUUUUUMMMy still.
  11. THe bag is real.. and just love the color *sigh*
  12. I have the same bag. The color is wonderful!
  13. Yeah... definitely not fake.