Wow - is ebay hard up now or what?

  1. I just got a voice mail message from them referencing my user ID and mentioning some improvements. I don't answer the phone unless I know who it is. They're actually taking the time to call people to basically say what they're saying in the message section and on the pages. The call is legit by the way.

    I wonder if their revenue is down from people staying away in droves??

    ebay is not what it used to be. I do sell and buy on occasion, but after a bad Paypal experience and seeing all the fakes they provide a venue for, I'm pretty disgusted with ebay. As a high feedback seller it's been hard to even sell really nice items in the past several years- I think the trust is just not there after people have been burned once or twice. It's as if my buyers are surprised that they're getting a great deal on a real designer bag for example. And most importantly, exactly as described. When that should be the norm. Sad.

    And...once upon a time when people asked a question about your auction, they'd preface it with a "Hi" and say thanks. I can't tell you how many emails I've received with no greeting, no punctuation and no thank you, just a rude question. Pet peeve, there. :mad: Ignorant.

    Anyone else get a call?
  2. I always say hi and thank you when I ask the seller a question! =)
    anyway.. no call yet.
  3. i've gotten calls from ebay for ages. that's nothing new.
  4. I received a call from eBay, too, the other day. Weird :huh: .
  5. Yes, I have gotten calls. I have developed such an aversion to the phone that I rarely answer it.
  6. Wow, I didn't know that ebay actually make calls to people. I must not be special enough because I haven't gotten any calls. Oh well, I screen my calls anyways :P
  7. thats what caller id is for.
  8. I never pick up my home line. Now I have another reason not
  9. I'm a powerseller on ebay and I don't sell anymore either. Too many bad experiences with paypal. And yes, ebay people are not as nice as they used to be.
  10. I got a call too and it's so annoying.
  11. Agree - I screen everyone. I didn't answer this. The way I look at it a phone is for my convenience...
  12. maybe it's cuz their stock has been close to the lowest it's been in the past 2 yrs and they are facing 2 lawsuits that i know of (the patent for BIN and tiffany & co).

    i'm still a powerseller on ebay cuz i need it to fund my jeans, designer clothing, shoes, and bag addiction but i hardly buy from there anymore. if i do i usually only buy from sellers who i've purchased from a lot in the past.
  13. I used to think eBay was great, but not any more. I still sell stuff there come spring cleaning time, but hesitant to buy unless the seller is someone I have dealt with in the past or a dear PF member. ;)
  14. eBay really should have some sort of approval screening before letting fake items go on presenting themselves as authentic. I hope they're considering a method such as that if they're really serious about improving their business.
  15. I am always polite in ALL of my friends, ebay, whatever it may be